Musicians have seen it all, from poorly behaved crowds, to badly conceived government regulations, lack of venues to play at and an implosion of music labels because of technology. Musicians face seemingly insurmountable odds and yet live for those magical moments where a mix of musical expression and audience adulation creates a dizzy concoction that keeps us addicted for life.

This platform aims to capture those magic moments and chronicle the lives and times of the evolution of music in India. From the 60s the golden era of jazz in Mumbai at the clubs at Venice, through to the 80s with dance bands that celebrated weddings and rang in the New Years to the Rock bands of the 90s through to today’s generation of musicians. We aim to bring together musicians, patrons and listeners and create a community to lead a resurgence of music.

For those interested in submitting your musical journey, we are thrilled to have you featured on and have put together some questions/points that we hope will help you tell your own stories. Please remember that you don’t need to restrict yourself to what we have put down – it’s just to get you thinking. Feel free to either tell us your whole musical journey or just a part of it. Send me your replies to rohandesouza [@] [gmail] [dot] [com].

Let’s get going. 

  • A little introduction about yourself – where are you from, something about your family etc
  • Tell us about your musical journey, how did you get started into music?
  • What are the gigs you are most proud of?
  • What year did you get into music? (how long has it been for you)
  • Who were your initial teachers?
  • Who were your musical influences? Who or what influenced you to take up music?
  • What are your musical preferences/styles?
  • What do you love about music?
  • Favorite band/musicians
  • What were your most memorable gigs?
  • What were the gigs that you would prefer to forget? Why?
  • When you look back at your journey, what/how do you feel? 
  • Where do you see yourself musically in the future?
  • Share one memory/instance in your musical journey that you would like to remembered for?
  • What was your proudest moment in music?
  • What was there any instance in your musical life that made you disillusioned with music?
  • What are your thoughts of the music scene today?
  • What would be your advice to young musicians of today?
  • Share one memory/instance in your musical journey that jumps out at you the most when you look back 
  • Do you have a motto (musical or otherwise) that you live by
  • Please send us some video URLs you would like to feature with your article
  • (Eg.
  • Do you have pictures to accompany the article? Send us a link to your picture folder on Google drive / Dropbox etc. Remember to caption each picture so that we can appropriately put them up.